Land buying

The core activities undertaken by the Beechwood Homes land team are underpinned by a thorough and sound knowledge of development, land and planning. 

Through our extensive experience and local knowledge we only identify the sites that are capable of delivering a real local benefit to the communities in which we work. Within this we are driven to continue our role as local strategic partner which sees us work collaboratively with communities, individuals, local authorities and other stakeholders to identify the need and the location of growth. Our team has the capacity and knowhow to deal with the complexities associated with development efficiently.

Our high levels of innovation implemented to each of our site acquisitions and our ability to foster and embrace change has enabled us to identify the risks and opportunities of a site early on in the process of development. Our management of the risks and opportunities alongside our ability to analyse development potential leads to the best possible design solutions.

As a result our business is rewarded by our high procurement of planning permissions and our contracts for development. We endeavour to find the best solutions for a site, to understand market conditions, foster innovation and change and embrace evolving government policy. This commitment will allow us to continue our role as trusted and proud providers of housing.